05 November 2007

Natural food is – what? – BETTER for you?!

Organic food is healthier than conventional produce and may be better at preventing cancer and heart disease, according to the biggest study of its kind.

In a finding that challenges official advice, researchers have shown that fruit and vegetables contain up to 40 per cent more nutrients if they are grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic produce also had higher levels of iron and zinc, vital nutrients lacking in many people's diets.

When we let it do its thing, nature provides us with everything we need – abundantly. But now there are too many people: we’ve stretched nature past its sustainable production levels and need industrialized complexes, genetic engineering, pesticides and migrant workers to keep up with demand. The most bizarre product of this is the “Organic Food” industry. Today, the natural state of foodstuffs is a commodity. By rights, what’s called “organic” shouldn’t be labeled at all, and everything else should be called “Chemically Induced and Genetically Modified Food.” But this newfangled organic trend is an integral part of the recently engendered Green lifestyle, which, paradoxically considering its suppositions, is just another branch of consumerism.


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