31 October 2007

Unrealistic Parents Need Books to Burn

Children's books that don't have happy endings should be banned, it was claimed yesterday.

Youngsters are already exposed to enough misery in their lives and should be protected from such stories, says a parents' group.

The Happy Ending Foundation is planning a series of Bad Book Bonfires for later this month, when parents will be encouraged to burn novels with negative endings.

The foundation has also written to school librarians across the country to coincide with Children's Book Week, which began on Monday, urging them to take ' controversial' books off shelves.

Democracy in action: fools mistake image for reality and if enough of them get together policy changes to reflect their delusions. What sort of misery are these youngsters exposed to? A dysfunctional society that promises heaven yet delivers empty, cleaver marketing and is incapable of taking action to solve actual problems because its pluralism makes consensus beyond basic material desires impossible. This cosmopolitanism leaves children no ground to stand on and no safe place.

These parents—these people—they want to limit the whole world, to bring it to a level they can understand. Reduce all religion to humanism; reduce all nations to capitalist democracies; retard education so retards don’t fail, and thus feel bad; embrace obesity as a style choice; deny ethnicities their cultural rite so they are as disconnected as you are; burn the books you don’t agree with, etc. These are the same people that will tell you “diversity is our greatest strength!” Laugh at fools like this whenever you get the opportunity, and, if possible, try to prevent them from breeding.


28 October 2007


I added a poll and, although I have no reader base yet I’m starting up an AdSense account.

The poll is for my own enlightenment. I’d like to know if regular folk feel the same way I do but are generally never given the opportunity to express it. Be honest: how do you feel about your life right now? Vote. Elaborate via a comment in this post if you like.

To the AdSense reviewer: there is not a lot of content on this blog yet for you to evaluate, but its intention is to act as a sort of catharsis for me, and hopefully also for likeminded folks, as well as providing an evolving reference and informational/data stream for people to utilize to overcome the monotonous fish-eyed stare. I want to help people beat down ennui and commit persistent inertiacide so they can return to a more healthy, organic way of living.

I hope I haven’t violated anything by saying that.


The Security of False Idolatry

I don’t know about you but I’ve never liked having a job. Every job I’ve ever had has been oppressive, aggravating and unnecessary. We sacrifice our lives to the materialist god, the Golden Calf—and for what? Security? But how often do you actually feel secure, financially or emotionally, because of a job? I’ve been part of the workforce for, oh… ten years and I’ve never felt financially secure as a result. Quite the opposite in fact: when I’m working I become paranoid about money. It seems to me these jobs are inadequate and unsatisfying to just about anybody who still has a soul.

The modern job seeks domination over life. Example. I was late to work the other day because some idiots crashed into each other and blocked a major intersection and my bus driver couldn’t make up the time. I take a rout that’s 15 min early and the ride itself takes about 1-1 ¼ hours, depending on the driver, plus 20-25 min walking to the stop and waiting, plus 15 min waiting for my shift to start. That’s 3 hours of my life, on average, every day I work that I spend simply waiting. That’s time from my life!

Now I was only late by one minute (yep, one lousy minute) but that’s irrelevant because the policy at most jobs about this sort of thing is so strict, and the management so programmed, that exceptions are not made. I can only be late so many times before I get fired—despite the quality level of work I might provide. So I’ll probably have to take an even earlier rout and add another 15 wasted minutes to my life simply to make up for the potential ineptitude of others.

While this sort of thing—eking out a paltry, frustrating “living”—is ok for some people, it’s totally unsatisfying and inappropriate for me. Not to mention how it changes not just myself but nearly everyone it touches into an angry, resentful, cynical, apathetic, passive-aggressive shell of a human being. The people I work with aren’t people at all, they’re contrived smiles, tired safe jokes (“working hard or hardly working?!”), popular TV catch-phrases and completely uninspired, spiritless, obsessive and dysfunctional marionettes.

In order for there to be meaning in work, and thus uplift it to the level of “satisfying” or maybe even “useful,” form must be related to function; we need to do things that expresses us in a way that contributes. Because this deluded and exponentially growing “jobs” system is disconnected from nature, and thus, reality. It’s image without substance. We should work together to annihilate it and replace it with something better.

On that note, I’m going to research anything I can and put into practice whatever will increase traffic to this blog, which will expand to include radio and comics in the near future, and monetize it so I can be financially independent and free of the spirit-death-trap of the Golden Calf. Whatever I learn I will share with you freely, through tutorials, how-to’s, faq’s, etc., because if it works for me I would very much like it to work for you also.

I’d like for all who can manage it to become liberated from this empty dead-end of struggling your youth away for money. I think I can do that better writing articles, disc jockeying and producing pop-propaganda (comics) than working in a warehouse. Do what you love; do what expresses the best parts of you. Because that is more worthy than having a pointless fucking job to make money. The truer freedom is existential, not material. Stop this false dollar-idolatry and do yourself a favor: make something of yourself and help uplift the downtrodden exceptional.


27 October 2007

Pervo Cop

It should have been a routine call. But the woman said Kohnke made her uncomfortable, looked through all the rooms in her house and made sexual comments. He also kept coming back, at all hours, during the early July episode.

At one point, he asked if she was wearing underwear. He told her she was sexy. He smiled and pointed his Taser at her, and told her he wore a wedding ring only to ward off advances from women at work, she said.

As he left one day, the woman and a neighbor said, Kohnke told the woman, "When I come back, you'll be naked, right?"

From young age we’re taught that if you’re in trouble—with drugs, parental abuse, strangers, etc.—come get an officer. They are in a position of authority over us and we’re supposed to trust them. But sometimes they want us to be naked when they get back! To many people I guess this sort of thing is shocking. Not to me.

Cops are increasingly corrupt because of the modern tendency to inappropriately disconnect form from function. We would like it if law enforcement officials held their positions because they believed in them—ideologically. But the reality is, today, it’s just a job. And like the service/food industry, when you’re constantly surrounded by inappreciative bossy idiots, you become resentful; the job looses its functional relevancy (ie: make decent food, protect citizens); you do the least amount of work coupled with whatever amount of passive-aggressive revenge you can get away with.

Anyway, police are a sign of degeneracy. In tightly-knit, more traditionally-oriented communities, law enforcement is redundant. Everyone is on the same page, working together to achieve collective goals. Deviance from the norm is dealt with quickly and effectively because form and function have direct effects on objective experience.

Neighborhood Watch is like Organic Food in that it shouldn’t be a commodity or something you spend extra time and effort to invest in: ALL food should be organic and neighborhoods SHOULD be watching out for each other. But so long as materialism premeditates nature and the strongest cultural binding points are economic, food will become increasingly poisoned, communities more disparate and cops more easily corruptible. It’s the price you pay for [the media promise that you have] “freedom.”


26 October 2007


Being new to this community (blogsphere) I decided to explore a bit using the random search feature provided by this site (blogger.com). This is what I found:


Perhaps it’s coincidence that these four random results are divided equally between Christianity and pornography. It’s not really any kind of conclusive study or anything—just a japery observation, really—but there are some underlying similarities between the two.

For instance, they are both examples of how representation can supplant action: watching others engage in sexuality becomes more interesting than engaging in it yourself; identifying with Christianity becomes more important that upholding Christian values.

They both also have a relationship to substance abuse. Christianity works as a replacement; pornography, a supliment.

The ultimate solution, obviously, would be to combine the two: Jesus pornography. This is something I might consider developing creatively in the future.



Upon self-reflection I am forced to confront the inherent nature of my actions. One thing moves this way, another, that; and the sum of all derivation of meaning seems to stem from an inherently empty process of symbols and their emotional responses. Civilization has doomed us to an existential pell-mell of perceptual shadow-worlds were we are entirely responsible for the impetus of our own ontological relevance, yet sedentism and the subsequent erasure of the Power Process has made us partner to the dumpy beast of exponential ennui. The horror of life is that our Paleolithic ancestors sat down and thus set our course to nowhere—inertia.

… And suddenly I wonder if anyone else thinks this way.

The development of art is the creation of dishonesty for the sake of reasonable intellectual internalization. Truth from culture is illusory: reality is necessarily holistic, cosmic; culture is an episcope which contextualizes the temporal into a comprehendible projection. In essence this process is not corruptive but persuasive, and the degenerative human eugeneia—the modern man’s increasingly inherent lack of wisdom, intelligence and his overall moral turpitude—has constructed a persistent memetic automaton of clockwork misinterpretation of image.

From the blebs of this mistake emerges the fish-eyed stare: the glossed-over perspective of the enlightened modern person. The fish-eyed stare would sanitize the Dionysian; it would wrap the Earth in cellophane and export Lysol to extraterrestrial intelligences at cost plus 10% (because what do they know?) with a hollow smile and a dirty handshake and ask “would you like fries with that?” A dog might occasionally mistake a projection for reality; only a human could mistakes reality as a projection.

This blog is not going to save the world, and I am not a hero. All you will find here is contextualized imagination and creative self-expression: it is a symbolic communicative filter for reality, and as such is a lie. This, however, is as much my fault as it is yours for reading, understanding language, enjoying art, listening to music, etc. Delusion is our curse as conceptual civilized beings. If you sense truth in any of these writings, it is not the semantics themselves that should be revered but the authenticity which they represent. In other words: not me but the reality I experience.

Thus truth is experiential—you will never find it simply by reading something. You must allow life to happen to you: follow the shadow to the agent (idealism); and through that communication with the divine, a path which is likely endless, is the bridge to the √úbermensch built. But first the fish-eyed stare must be done away with. I will help you walk this nihilistic superhighway if you will help me. That is all I ask.