16 November 2008

"You Can’t Do That!"

While perusing Steve Pavlina's blog, I found this little snippet of observational wisdom:
Apparently if you try anything that goes against the mainstream, it means you’re being fanatical, crazy, and deluded. Supposedly common sense dictates that we all get regular corporate jobs, eat factory-produced “foods” from cardboard boxes, and live our lives just like we imagine everyone else does. Then quietly die.

I feel sorry for the people who genuinely think this way… and live their lives accordingly.

He's dead on. There is an invisible social power which holds sway over the herds of sheeple who swarm our industrial landscapes; it pulls them into line, ideologically, and pushes hard on any who deviate.

Many never express the descension they feel for fear of breaking taboo; and slowly, because the discriminating impulse is never made behavioral habit, people altogether loose their senses. Ergo, the mad culture we see today.

Luckily the sheeple aren't too bright. Their institutions can be exploited by a cleaver and disciplined mind. Advantage can be made: excel within the failing systems and with the acquired leverage inject subtle memetic and genetic legacies which chip away at the prevailing infrastructures and bloodlines. This cuts down that which is already dying whilst propping up symbols everywhere for disenchanted allies.

They'll say you can't do that, but you actually can.