28 November 2007

Women and Alcohol Don’t Mix

The differences between men and women can be stark when it comes to the way alcohol affects them. For example, if two people, of opposite genders but equal weight drink the same amount and type of alcohol, the woman will get drunker, and stay that way longer.

The reasons come down to basic physiology. Alcohol passes through the digestive tract and is dispersed in the body's water. Because women always have less water in their bodies, the alcohol is less dilute for them. Women's bodies also produce less alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH)—the molecule responsible for breaking alcohol down so that the body can eliminate it. Less water and less ADH means more alcohol stays in the body, for longer periods of time.

This is a cover-up for sexism! It’s a lie because it completely ignores equality. The researchers are obviously chauvinist trying to foist their biased discrimination onto the rest of us under the guise of “science.” We are all equal no matter what the experts say!!


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