14 November 2007

“Hispanic” or “Dark Skinned” Rapist?

Chandler police will not alter their description of the Chandler Rapist despite complaints from a Valley radio station about the department’s use of the word “Hispanic” to describe the attacker.

“I think this is racial profiling,” said Mayra Nieves, vice president of programming for KMYL (1190 AM).

Nieves said Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race—and many Hispanics are white or black. She said ethnicity should not be used when describing an attacker. Instead she said she would describe the Chandler Rapist as having “dark skin.”

Hey, stupid! If “Hispanic” is an ethnicity, not a race, how could the use of the term be racial profiling? And this “dark skin” bullshit is just another liberal attempt to eliminate the symbol of race and deny the reality of its importance.


The guy threatens 12 – 14 year old girls with a weapon then sexually assaults them. Quick! Someone protect his right to be referred to as “dark skin” instead of “Hispanic!” AAAAAH!



Anonymous said...

Aren't "ethnicity" and "race" basically the same thing?

Shayne said...

In this society, it doesn’t matter. Race/ethnicity, it seems, are subjective points of view. Meanwhile, studies demonstrate more and more inherent differences between groups, ethnicities, races, etc. In fact, it would be scientifically astounding if there weren’t group differences. People like Ms. Nieves deny this and attempt to destroy the public image of race in order to strengthen their eco-political position. They attack the image, not the object. But, sadly, moderns live in an increasingly imaginary world, thus image trumps reality and they are persuaded by untruth and doublespeak.

Danny Vice said...

So, how does one who is an illegal alien, a drug offender, and a twice-deported man end up living comfortably with a family in Arizona?

Formerly, Arizona was well known as a border state with a heart for Illegal aliens. Recently, Arizona has become notably more aggressive on the issues of illegal immigration. There have been reports in Arizona that many illegals had returned to Mexico to celebrate Christmas and have decided not to return.

I applaud the work of authorities here that were able to catch on quickly to the real identity of this man (he originally used a fake name with them).

They walked a tightrope between respecting the man's civil rights as a potential citizen, yet were able get a rapists DNA before he fled back over the border. I would imagine much of this occurred within a matter of hours. Great work to Chandler Police Dept.

Not such a great job for the State Of Arizona who played host to a man for almost 2 years while he raped one US Citizen after another. The man would have had worked some place or sought medical treatment at some time for his family among many other things.

Arizona tax payers footed the bill for a man to live openly among them - while he raped them at will. It's an amazing stretch of the imagination, no matter where you fall politically.

It would be nice if victims of these crimes would/could begin filing suit against their local municipalities, suing them for negligence of enforcing the law - which provided the opportunity for the crimes committed against them. Especially in cases where the offender was at one time captured and then let go.

Our US congress has dropped the issue of illegal immigration, silently stifled the law it passed to construct a fens and has left communities left to fend for themselves along with the victims who live in their communities.

The ability for victims to sue would force those communities to decide whether or not they want to continue breaking the law by allowing these offenders to reside in their area. Particularly those who pride themselves on being “immigration safe havens”...

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice